MRDA Releases End of Season Rankings

MRDA has released the end of season rankings. The top 6 member leagues in the end of season rankings earn the right to compete in the MRDA Championships, to be held October 22 in Old Bethpage, New York. Those invited will compete for the “Athletic Cup” trophy and the title of 2011 MRDA Champions.

2011 MRDA Regular Season Rankings

  1. St. Louis GateKeepers – St. Louis, MO
  2. New York Shock Exchange – NYC, NY
  3. Magic City Misfits – Orlando, FL
  4. Puget Sound Outcast Derby – Tacoma, WA
  5. Pioneer Valley Roller Derby (The Dirty Dozen) – Northampton, MA
  6. Dallas Deception – Dallas, TX
  7. Your Mom Men’s Derby – Des Moines, Iowa
  8. Minnesota Men’s Roller Derby (Twin Cities Terrors) – Minneapolis/St Paul, MN
  9. Harm City Homicide – Baltimore, MD
  10. Connecticut Death Quads – Waterbury, CT
  11. Race City Rebels – Indianapolis, IN

Unranked (In Alphabetical Order)

Teams qualify for rankings by competing in a minimum amount of sanctioned bouts. MRDA member leagues vote on rankings based on teams’ records and game data in sanctioned bouts. End of season rankings are used to determine championship tournament eligibility.

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